Printing is an essential task for most businesses. Whether you’re printing documents, images, or large-scale products, print documents are vital to the modern office environment. Studies have shown 90 percent of companies are unaware of the number of printers they possess or how much they spend on printing. Managed Print Services (MPS) from On Demand can easily solve that problem.

MPS enables businesses like yours to accurately track usage and, as a result, better manage expenses associated with print. Investing in Managed Print Services frees up other company resources, giving you the flexibility to reallocate them to core business areas.

What is Managed Print Services?

MPS is a service offered by a third-party vendor that manages all aspects of a company’s document output needs. This service includes printers, copiers, scanners, copiers, and/or multi-function printers (MFPs). How it generally works is the MPS partner will assess your company’s hardware resources and print needs. Once their analysis is complete, they’ll offer you recommendations and solutions to help improve the business’s existing setup. Once a solution is agreed upon, they’ll optimize your office equipment, and they’ll go over any potential services associated with printing and output that you might find appealing to utilize.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Print Services?

One of the most significant benefits associated with MPS is the capacity to streamline all things print—from scanning paper to digital to adding mobile print capabilities, just to name a few. This, coupled with the ability to track usage metrics, can go a long way towards a business realizing a true cost-savings, putting more money back in their budget. Your MPS partner can offer numerous valuable services, including but not limited to:

  • Tracking how output devices are being used and pinpointing areas of waste or inefficiency.
  • Identifying workflow and document flow analysis, and subsequently using this information to develop effective solutions.
  • Networking all devices to establish a comprehensive print strategy, freeing up resources.
  • Eliminating redundant devices, freeing up physical space.
  • Replacing inefficient devices with newer or more efficient ones to help increase productivity.
  • Saving valuable time by automating the ability to track supplies, repairs, and maintenance. Any needed services can easily be scheduled because the MPS partner can remotely monitor when any services or replacements are needed.
  • Introducing mobile print capabilities, enabling a company to have great flexibility when it comes to their print needs.
  • Providing a more secure print environment – today’s devices are essentially standalone computers and need to be secured accordingly to protect the data flowing through them.
  • Relieving IT staff from the burdens of managing print hardware and troubleshooting software issues, allowing them to put their focus back on their other prioritized technology duties.
  • Increasing convenience for staff because they’ll work with more efficiency, speed, and convenience.
  • Eliminating downtime because print issues are tracked in real-time and can be rapidly resolved.
  • Offering document tracking for compliance and regulatory purposes.


Additionally, your MPS partner can offer other tangible dollar values. Studies have found using MPS services can significantly decrease costs for most businesses. Along with putting more money back into your budget, they’ll provide you with predictability in costs – no more worries about unexpected repairs or breakdowns that interrupt workflows since these services are encompassed in one monthly payment.

Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

Many businesses, no matter the size, find Managed Print Services to be a wise investment. Managing output devices is time-consuming, not to mention there are inevitably going to be ill-timed breakdowns. Security has also become an important issue as businesses can be held accountable for any data breaches caused by unsecured equipment. If you’re unsure if MPS is the right solution for you, ask yourself these questions.

  • Are my company’s print expenses much higher than they should be?
  • Does our company need more help tracking print costs and need a way to pinpoint ways to save?
  • Does our current setup resemble a one printer per person ratio?
  • Do IT skills come at a premium in our organization, and is the IT staff spending too much time troubleshooting individual print issues or walking other staff members through using these devices when their skills are needed elsewhere?
  • Does our staff spend way too much time ordering supplies, calling for repairs, or scheduling maintenance?
  • If printers break down, does this downtime severely interrupt productivity or bring things to a screeching halt?
  • Does our company need better accountability with compliance and regulatory issues?
  • Is our company vulnerable to data breaches?
  • Do we want to establish imaging and printing metrics to help us better manage costs?
  • Is our company interested in introducing greener solutions to our work processes?

Chances are, if you answered “yes” to even just a few of these questions, your organization could significantly benefit from signing up with an MPS provider. This partnership can help you to achieve an optimal solution to your print-related issues. Your partner can help you to reduce waste, tighten and streamline print processes, consolidate resources, and free up demands on staff.

Overall, your organization can achieve a healthier level of productivity by partnering with an Managed Print Services vendor. In the long run, your company can take the financial resources that MPS saved and funnel these funds towards other areas of need.

If your Houston-based company would like to learn more about implementing Managed Print Services, contact On Demand today to learn more about our products and how we can provide cost-savings solutions to your budget.