Business equipment is a vital aspect of an effective workflow. When the office copier breaks down, imperative operations grind to a halt. Employees and clients won’t be able to work with sensitive documents, and downtime can skyrocket. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that copier repair goes smoothly. Next to hiring the right copier repair services, users can also take a few necessary steps to prevent copiers from breaking down in the first place. Here, you’ll learn the essential tips for copier repair.

Copier Repair Prevention

Prevention is often called the best medicine. It’s no different for office equipment, either. Users should use the best practices when using a copier to avoid costly repairs. The tips below help prevent minor malfunctions resulting in downtime and decreased efficiency.

Don’t Pull the Plug

Properly turning off the copier machine ensures the software and hardware have enough time to save and store data, cool down, and avoid voltage spikes. Copiers use a power-up sequence for hardware to operate smoothly like any other electronic device. Suddenly cutting power can have an adverse effect, causing damage to specific components.

Likewise, many copiers have storage memory. Abrupt power cuts may lead to corrupted data and files or damage the drive. Copier repair experts recommend turning off the power switch instead. Doing so ensures that all components of the copier machine will cool down and turn off properly. You might not cause issues the first time you pull the plug, but it can potentially harm the copier in the future.

Avoid Bringing Foods and Drinks Close to the Copier

This might seem like common sense, but many copier repair problems occur because of food and drink spills. Users should avoid eating in close vicinity of the copier and also ensure their hands are cleaned and dried off before operating it. Copier repairs professionals have opened up many a jammed device only to find it filled with candy wrappers, popcorn kernels, and other crumbs.

Spilling liquid on the copier machine is an even bigger problem. Fluids can easily drip down into central operating parts. If this happens, users should power down the machine (by using the button, not the plug) and then wipe away any liquid with a dry cloth. Then it’s best to call a copier repair service. They’ll be able to open up the machine, assess the situation, and fix compromised components if needed.

Don’t Tinker With a Copier – Call a Professional Instead

Users shouldn’t underestimate the power of a copier machine. It may not look like much, but they have more than 200 volts zipping through it while functioning. Generally, copiers have safeguards to minimize risks, but this is only effective for proper use.

Trying to troubleshoot an issue independently by tinkering with a copier is a significant injury risk. When working with these issues, copier repair professionals always turn off the machine and unplug it. However, it would be best if you didn’t try to repair the copier yourself, even when turned off. You could further damage the machine, resulting in more downtime and hefty repair prices.

How to Choose the Best Copier Repair Company

Accidents happen. You could do everything right with a copier, yet it might still malfunction. This could be due to old age or other unforeseen issues. If breakage occurs, you’ll need to ensure you have a reliable copier repair company. They’ll help you minimize downtime and get your productivity back on track. Here’s how to select the right one.

Consider Company Reputation

Before committing to a copier repair company, ensure you have proof of their professionalism and effectiveness. Reading experiences and reviews by users is a great way to start. A company that consistently delivers services successfully will have a trail of happy customers showing appreciation through five-star ratings on Google or by word of mouth. You can also consider any awards the company has for official recognition.

Enquire About Remote Troubleshooting

Not every copier problem is the same. While significant issues might warrant a service call, minor malfunctions allow remote troubleshooting. This technique will effectively shorten downtime, getting the repair done faster. However, not all copier repair services offer this service, so make sure to ask about remote troubleshooting before choosing one.

Go for the Shortest Response and Downtime Guarantee

Effectiveness and efficiency is a standard element of any business. Without a quick response time, you won’t be able to re-establish productivity. When selecting one, specifically ask for the company’s guaranteed response time. Many repair services will advertise “fast” repairs. While that’s beneficial, it isn’t concrete. By factoring in the exact hours, you’ll be able to make estimates on lost time in worst-case scenarios.

Likewise, many companies will have a “downtime guarantee” If a particular issue ensues, the company promises to have the copier running within a given time frame. If they aren’t able to repair it, they’ll replace the machine until fixed and ready for future use. Also, make sure to enquire about this, as it’s a valuable factor. Once you collect the different guarantees, you can contrast and compare them based on your budget and other priorities.

Offsite Monitoring Can Prevent Repairs

Once again, prevention is vital to maintaining a steady workflow. Many copier repair companies offer offsite monitoring. The service typically entails diagnostics and checking your copier’s performance before the issue gets out of hand. By monitoring your office equipment, they can also know when to deliver toner if you’re running low. Ultimately, this feature is time-saving, cost-effective, and efficient for most potential office equipment issues.

Optimize Your Office Equipment

Office equipment plays a vital role when setting up the ideal workflow. However, you’ll need a reliable and expert service to help you optimize your copiers, printers, and scanners. If a copier breaks down, you’ll need an experienced repairer to do the job with minimal downtime. On Demand offers a specialized approach to businesses that need office equipment and managed print services. Contact On Demand if you’re a Houston business needing copier repairs or office equipment.