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Most business owners are still unfamiliar with Managed Print Services (MPS) and the unique and specialized ways that it can assist them with the growth and outreach of their business. MPS is a series of outsourcing services that are specially designed to help companies manage their printing process and office equipment, such as printers, copiers, and fax machines. Implementing a Managed Print Services system is an important step that can help streamline your company’s printing and paper production needs.

What Can Managed Print Services Do For Me?

Printing is one of the most common and essential functions in businesses today. While this is true, every business is unique because of its market, target audience, and the amount and type of printing that is needed. Because of these factors, your printing approach has a huge impact on your ROI and your overall expenses.

A print solution that balances out between all the specifics of your organization’s needs, as well as your employees’ needs and limitations, can boost productivity at any size business. If you’re still on the fence about implementing Managed Print Services into your business, consider the following stats, and you will see why MPS is an essential part of many offices:

  • 90% of companies don’t accurately track print costs, if at all.
  • Document printing can account for an average of 5-15% of a company’s revenue.
  • IT departments spend as much as 15% of their time resolving printing issues.
  • Supplier agreements and streamlining can reduce operating costs by 20-30%.

MPS programs offered by print providers can help you manage all aspects of your company’s printing devices, while also increasing your ROI and cutting back on expenses in a relatively short period of time.

What are the Benefits of Managed Print Services?

  • Maximize Your Printing Devices- Whether you have one multifunction printer (MFP) or a room full of printing equipment, streamlining the process and maximizing the effectiveness of your system will improve your bottom line. Managed Print Services will help you take what you have and ensure you are using it in the most effective means possible for your business needs.
  • Free Up Your Employees- From the IT department to your general staff, productivity around your office will increase because they will not all be by the printer waiting for their documents. Your IT department will be able to focus on more pressing and important matters, and employees will be more productive with less time wasted waiting on printers to be fixed or documents to be printed.
  • Current Security Features- Even the most advanced IT department and the best-implemented safety protocols cannot always keep up with the advancements in office technology. Things change all the time, and it is hard for business owners to keep up with it all. By working with an MPS provider, you get access to the latest in security features and a dedicated team that is focused on protecting you and your clients’ information.
  • Boost Savings and ROI- You are running your business to make a profit, and one of the areas many companies bleed money from is their printing and document production. A skilled and experienced Managed Print Services provider can help you boost your ROI and cut back on spending within your document production.
  • Smarter Budgeting Tools- All businesses have a budget, even if they are not closely followed or understood. Saving money on operating costs and expenses is always a good thing, and being able to plan and manage money flowing in and out is critical for your business’ success. An MPS solution can help you better plan, track, and prepare your printing budgets all year long.


Should Your Business Invest in Managed Print Services?

The elements that make up a Managed Print Service contract can be vast and can vary from one provider to the next. There is no one-size-fits-all “package” that will suit every company, so it is important to see what your chosen MPS provider can offer and how it will fit with your business. Here are some key things to consider:

Assessment. Make sure the provider you choose knows your business, your customers, and your industry so they can offer the best possible solutions.

Printers and copiers. Make sure any equipment they offer is reliable, up to date, and from trusted names so you can ensure you are making a smart investment.

Maintenance and repair. Be sure to ask about the process of dealing with repairs and regular maintenance, as well as what training the MPS provider team provides.

Output management. Guarantee you will have access to team accounts, cloud printing, mobile printing, auditing, record keeping, and cost recovery software.

Training. Make sure your MPS provider includes training and routine update training for your employees as well as their staff who will be working with you.

Security measures. Make sure your MPS provider has proper safety guidelines in place to protect your data as well as the information of your customers and clients.

Most business owners don’t have a working game plan for how to manage their printing and document creation needs. This can lead to a loss in revenue, wasteful spending, inefficient employee utilization, and a reduction of profits across the board. Managed Print Services can help save your business money, increase your ROI, and maximize efficiency. To learn more about implementing an MPS plan to your Houston-based business, contact On Demand today.