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Small business owners, entrepreneurs, tech wizards, and startup gurus alike have embraced the new industry race towards never-ending optimization. Your professional team has plenty of office responsibilities to handle, between digital production bundles, the printer, the removable file storage, and a slew of maintenance tools. Each potential in-house upgrade has several considerations to account for, and each should be taken seriously.

When it comes to document management, production, and sharing, many business pros get swept away by digital upgrades, cloud storage, and document copies. Sometimes, however, age-old solutions deserve attention—even if they’re physical resources sitting in the office.

As with any of your business’s tech assets, your printer is an investment. Is it up to par with today’s leading document production options? If it isn’t, you may want to prioritize replacing it. In several ways, up-to-date printing technology is one of the essential investments your team can make. Here’s why:

Network Security and Data Protection

Malicious software, cyber-crime artists, and on-location information theft is as prevalent as ever. Still, ever-growing threats are powered by new, creative ways to access protected information. Among these is the exploitation of office devices, forced network access, and eventual data theft.

Printers are a significant target. An unsecured printing network isn’t difficult to breach, digitally, opening a back door to your office’s secured stockpile of memos, accounting logs, customer payment information, and even business archives. Unsecured printers are both an internal and external risk, as their access to your company’s network exists on both ends.

New printers, however, are somewhat secure. Therefore, not only do they use real-time protection to defend against threats, but they assure a business’s sensitive data is secure at every entry point—reducing the need for an overload on document management and security.

Printer All-In-One Workgroup Utility Package

Printers aren’t single-job tools, these days. The range of printer models can be between a thousand dollars and a hefty ten-thousand-dollar investment. Don’t worry: You needn’t invest in a high-cost printer lineup to meet industry standards. You can still get great technology on a budget.

New printers support a variety of page sizes and layouts, handling high volumes of print, and feature scanning, copier, storage, digital preventative maintenance walkthroughs. You can even get a printer with onsite manufacturer support—so no employee is ever high and dry when new device upgrades roll out; they can learn about new features from the printing device, itself.

Mobile-Compatible Processing and Production

An office in motion stays in motion. Rather than relying on legacy equipment bottlenecks and processing hang-ups, you can outfit your workplace with multi-function printers that streamline workflows. Some modern printers are smartphone-compatible. Not only can they process document services on the fly—but they offer new levels of customization for the everyday employee.

Printers boasting mobile app support perform better, are unrivaled in security and optimize the workplace. By strategizing your physical document production and archiving needs, you can reduce in-house task times while enabling measurable productivity improvements.

Does your office need better security, production tools, and optimization tech? A modern printer is a great place to start. To kick off your workplace’s new age of file production, contact us today. With a variety of printers to choose from, the options are virtually endless.