Printers are an expensive but important part of your business. That’s especially true if you work in a marketing, publishing, or media firm. Color copies, precision documents, and efficient printing keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and ready to tackle new challenges. That being said, there are ways to use a printer for your business while still maintaining a cost-effective advantage. You can always rent a printer. In this article, we’ll take a look at printer rentals and identify what to consider when going down this route for your office.

Printer Rental vs. Printer Leasing

The main difference between printer rental and printer leasing is that rentals tend to be short-term, while leases are intended for long-term use. A printer rental allows you to use a machine for a specific printing operation without a long-term commitment. You can switch or return the printer if it doesn’t suit your needs. Most businesses that offer these rentals are flexible. They will provide support, as well as multiple options regarding printer models and consumables. As you can imagine, this comes with a considerable number of benefits.

The Benefits of Printer Rental

Printer rentals are becoming more popular because of their cost-effective nature. While some businesses prefer buying or leasing printers, rentals can be the most budget-friendly option. They’re cheaper than the other two options, making them the most cost-effective choice. You also won’t need to pay for additional maintenance costs.

Flexibility is another aspect to consider when choosing a printer rental. If you suddenly decide that you need a different model or specification, you can quickly switch out the rental for an alternative model. Typically, leases lock you into a long-term deal. Most vendors will take you through the process of choosing the right printer for your business before you sign such a lease.

However, even if you do end up choosing the wrong machine, you’ll still be able to switch it out. Most deals include accessories and supplies, meaning long-term costs are almost eliminated. In the majority of cases, you’ll only need to pay for the rental itself.

Printer rentals often include support from the company you’re renting from, too. On the off-chance that the printer does malfunction, you’ll have access to a technician to carry out a repair. If your business doesn’t have an IT team, this can be especially useful.

A rental is also the best choice if you don’t want to commit to a long-term printing machine. Many businesses don’t know what they want out of a printer, nor do they want to analyze printer specifications. In the case of rentals, you can always trial models until you find the right solution.

What to Consider Before Renting a Printer

If you’re sold on printer rental rather than leasing or buying, there are a few things to consider first. Below are a few general guidelines to consider.

  • Printer Type and Specifications – You should have a general idea of the type of printer you need, as well as some features that will make a difference to your business. For example, an inkjet printer can be slow for a fast-paced business but is an absolute must if you work with designers and photographers that need high-quality color graphics. Laser printers, on the other hand, are much faster, making for an efficient solution to document printing and accelerated workflow. However, they aren’t known to produce high-quality color solutions.
  • Cost – While rentals are more cost-effective, be sure to factor in how much you’re willing to pay. Chances are, you can get a specialized printer with optimal specifications for a budget-friendly price. Consider whether you’re more concerned with getting the cheapest deal possible or renting for specific features and value.
  • Customer Service and Reputation – Be sure to research the companies you want to rent from. A good reputation and customer service, along with optimum support, can make all the difference if something goes wrong with your rental, either logistically or if your machine malfunctions.

When Should I Rent a Printer for My Business?

You may choose to rent a printer as a short-term solution to a bigger problem for the following reasons:

  • One-time projects. Sometimes, you’ll need a bigger printer for specific printing operations. Your business may already have a printer, but it simply can’t handle the workload. In this case, a printer rental is a better solution.
  • You’ve found a long-term solution, but the printer you ordered has not yet been delivered. While you’re waiting for your printer, your work doesn’t have to suffer. Printer rentals are a great way to fill the gap until your new machine arrives.
  • Your old printer is being repaired. Maybe you already have a long-term printer that your business is happy with. If it breaks down, a rental is a great solution while waiting for repairs or while looking for a new one.
  • If you’re searching for the right printer for your office, a printer rental allows you to experiment with different models before you choose one for your business. This gives you time to test different features, such as output and speed, before making a long-term choice.

The Right Solution for the Right Business

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