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Most offices still have copiers. The digital age is decades old, so why hasn´t paper printing completely disappeared? Well, copiers do more than many people realize, and because of that, they are still indispensable.

Why Companies Still Rely on Copiers

It’s easy to assume that in the digital age, copiers are obsolete. While their importance has diminished over the last few decades, they´re still present in the majority of offices worldwide, and there are a few principal reasons for that.

Even if your office is paperless, many other businesses still rely on paper and printing. That means you will inevitably receive paper documents for one reason or another. At the very least, if you want to remain paperless, you will have to digitize the necessary paper documents that you receive, and multifunction copiers enable this.

More likely, you’re going to have to deal with some amount of printing and copying for your own purposes. There’s a simple way to do that in your office: acquire a copier.

There’s also the fact that paper documents are reliable. For all the convenience and advantages of digitization, paper is still around because it’s stable. You can’t hack printed copy, and you can’t steal it when it´s housed in a remote location. It can’t be the victim of ransomware, and it can’t even be altered once it is printed. For the most crucial information, paper files are still invaluable.

Paper can also expand your outreach. For example, through marketing. You can use social media to reach a broad audience, but you’ll miss some demographics that don’t use the same social media networks as your business.

You can bridge these gaps with paper outreach. You can print flyers, send out mailers and perform other types of traditional marketing endeavors. It’s a great way to create outreach overlap and ensure you communicate with everyone who can interact with your business.

Key Benefits of Modern Office Copiers

1) A modern office copier can reduce your expenses. Some amount of printing and copying is inevitable. When that happens, it’s cheaper to do your printing in-house instead of hiring a service for every page you need.

2) Your copier is one of your most valuable tools for digitizing information. Modern smartphones can create PDF files out of just about anything, but they aren’t efficient. With a good copier, you can place an entire stack of pages in the machine, and it can scan and save all of them automatically. It saves a ton of time and gives you more freedom in how you process and store information.

3) There’s also the issue of security. In-house printing removes a security risk. When you outsource your printing, there is a potential security vulnerability. Hopefully, you can rely on your printing service to be secure, but every additional step in the document journey adds to the real risk of data loss. That’s just how security works. If you have a good copier, you can take full responsibility for securing it and shortening the document journey.

Reasons Why Leasing May Be the Right Financial Choice for Your Business

Now that you’re convinced you need access to a good copier, how do you get your hands on one? Sure, you could buy it, but before you do, consider the compelling reasons to lease your equipment instead.

One of the primary reasons that businesses like to lease equipment is that it lowers capital investment. When you buy a copier, you have to shell out a lot of money for the device or make a considerable down payment. Leasing does not require a deposit. On top of saving capital, leasing makes your budget more consistent. Your lease is a fixed cost, a predictable expense that includes the cost of operating the machinery and repairing or replacing it when the time comes.

On top of that, leasing is better for your tax receipts than purchasing. Equipment leases are fully deductible for any business. If you purchase your copier, you can only deduct its depreciated value (and potentially the interest you pay on it, but that gets pretty convoluted). With leasing, the entire cost is tax deductible, which in many cases, makes leasing the more affordable option overall.

Lastly, leasing gives you flexibility. Your needs will change over time. You can simply contact the lessor and let them know you need to change equipment. That should already be covered in your contract, so you aren’t going to incur sudden and massive expenses.

Contact the team at On Demand if you would like to learn more about copier leasing for your Houston business and see some concrete details about what is available and how it works. We’ll walk you through the process and help you explore your options.