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Businesses today are required to deliver mail. From invoicing to direct mail promotions to required hard copy paperwork, there are several reasons why mail remains critical despite us being in the digital age. However, it can be cumbersome to require employees to physically go to the post office daily or cost-prohibitive when guessing what the postage will be on larger items. How do employers ensure lower costs and streamlined workflows when it comes to their mail? The answer is simple: in-house mailing equipment.

This article dives into the types of equipment available to business owners, how this equipment can save you time and money, and finally, a few features to help guide you if you are considering bringing mailing equipment in-house.

What Are Your Mailing Equipment Options?

If you are wondering what your mailing equipment options are, this largely depends on things such as your budget, the size of your business, and your ongoing professional needs. However, here is a general overview to help you make an informed decision:

  • Postage Meter: Postage meters are useful for companies that mail out letters and packages of all kinds. These devices are designed to print out postage for all parcels your office intends to ship and can even print the full mailing label with all necessary shipping information. Postage meters can be useful for companies of all sizes. However, the type you purchase depends on the needs of your business and how much mail you send monthly.
  • Postage Meter Software: Along with the postage meter, you can also purchase postage meter software. This software allows you to do things such as compare postage costs, create budgets, and ultimately control costs.
  • Folders and Inserters: Folders and inserters are mostly used by companies that regularly process large volumes of mail. Rather than paying someone to insert mass mailing into envelopes manually, these devices complete the process automatically.

Save Time And Money with In-House Mailing Equipment

Although some are under the misguided assumption that mailing equipment is an unnecessary part of running a business, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most companies rely heavily on the postal system and other delivery services in order to advertise, send out billing information, invoice customers, and much more. With that in mind, here is a closer look at the two main benefits of adding mailing equipment to your office fleet: saving time and money.

  • Postage Meters: Simply put, postage meters can be a great option for businesses looking to save time and money. They make quick and efficient work when securing postage for your various office mailings. Rather than having to travel to the post office, you can easily create the postage necessary using a calibrated, reliable meter located right in your very own mailroom. Given that these meters come complete with a convenient touchscreen interface, it is possible to compare carrier prices, track the location of your letters and packages, and more when leveraging accompanying software. Purchasing postage meters is a great way to make sure your company is operating at optimal efficiency.
  • Address Printers: Another way in-house mailing equipment can save your business time and money is with address printers. Rather than having to pay your employees to take the time to write out the addresses by hand, address printers are designed to allow you to do this quickly and easily. Moreover, they make it less likely for addresses to be incorrect due to human error.
  • Folders and Folder Inserters: If your company sends out a lot of bulk mail (or over 40 pieces of mail daily), folders and folder inserters are an excellent investment. Also known as letter stuffers, these machines are used to quite literally fold and insert a large quantity of mail while keeping them all smooth and crisp. These devices help companies save time and money by sending out printed materials in mass automatically, rather than relying on manual processes, and can even be used to help streamline certain mailroom-related tasks.

What Mailing Equipment Solution Is Right For Your Business?

In order to decide which mailing equipment solution is right for your business, there are a few key factors to consider. First, the importance of knowing how much mail you send out cannot be understated. Examine your mailing frequency to determine if the cost of your new mailing equipment can be justified. For smaller volumes, a postage meter may suffice. For larger volumes, you may need to invest in a folder and inserter to keep up with demand, in addition to the postage meter. Moreover, make note of how you can reposition your employees that typically do the manual processes of mailing to accomplish other value-added tasks.

One brand, FP Mailing Solutions, is a great option for SMBs. They offer a wide variety of solutions to help companies process their mail as efficiently as possible with built-in functionalities that ensure smooth workflows. Ultimately, your mailing solutions must align with the goals of your business, and working with a trusted office mailing equipment vendor to discuss your options and budget is your best bet to make a smart decision.

Overall, purchasing in-house mailing equipment can help businesses of all sizes save time and money in a variety of ways. No matter what your needs are, there are plenty of products that can help your business become more efficient while helping you save money in the process. However, choosing the right equipment and services is imperative. For guidance on how to leverage mailing equipment for your Houston-based business, contact the On Demand team today. We will help you evaluate your needs and match the right device for your workflows and budget.