Is your company in need of a new copier?  There are many features available which you may not be aware of when considering your purchase so let’s look at a few of them.


One of the most quintessential features of a copier is its speed, measured in pages per minute (ppm).  Both Kyocera and Sharp copiers range from approximately 20 to over 50 ppm, so consider how fast you need your copier to be.


Resolution is the level of detail that a copier is capable of printing to a page.  Higher resolutions tend to look more pleasing to the eye but the highest resolution is not necessarily best for all applications.

Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is the ability to print to both sides of a single sheet of paper, which can save paper and result in more-wieldy, less-weighty printed materials and packets.


A finisher gives the ability to staple collated sets of copies.  There is additionally the option of a hole-punch for putting papers in a binder.  This saves significant time in terms of eliminating the need for manual labor.


Though email has mostly replaced faxes, they are nonetheless still sometimes required and so this is a feature to consider having.


While some copiers only serve connected computers or operate through ADF (automatic document feeder) trays, others have flatbed scanners which typically allow scanning of variously-sized documents.


A NIC is a network interface card and it allows your company’s employees to print directly to your copier from their computers.  This feature can be set up in various ways to give all or only some the ability to print to specific copiers, for example, or to assign certain departments to certain copiers.


Memory goes hand-in-hand with a NIC since multiple jobs may be queued up for printing at the same time.  While those jobs await their turn to be printed, memory is used to store them in the copier.  Memory can also be used to store files at the copier for frequent use or to store an address book of emails to which to send scanned copies.

Exposure Control

Exposure control, just as with photography, adjusts the brightness of the copy at the time a document is scanned.  Think of it as having control over how much light is let into the scanning device in order to darken or lighten the resulting copy.

Color or Black and White

Some copiers only print in black and white while others have the option of switching between black and white and color.  This is a feature to consider based on your usage needs and budget since color ink is more expensive than black and white ink.

Automated Workflows

As a bonus eleventh feature of mention, automated workflows allow you to digitize your documents, creating file-formatted versions of them to send to cloud storage or wherever else you’d like to have them sent and stored.


These are just some important features to consider when making your next copier purchase.  If you’re interested in finding out more, request a free quote from us today.