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Whether you’re looking to replace your tired, worn-out office copier or just getting started in purchasing equipment for your new office, choosing the right copier for your needs can be a little tricky. There are many brands and models to choose from and unless you have an exact idea of what your needs are, it can be a little overwhelming.

Targeted Questions to Find the Right Business Copier

Define the Practical Needs of Your Office Environment

Talk to your staff and get more information on how your office uses the copier. How are you printing? Black & white or color? Do you print or copy a lot of graphics or just text? How much ink or toner are you using per month? What types of paper and how many pages? Analyze how much you’re spending right now so that our friendly professional service agents can help you explore ways to save money and maximize efficiency for all of your business copying needs.

What Office Procedure Streamlining Features Do You Require?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for making documents searchable for better document management? Would voice recognition through Alexa for Business boost your office productivity? Are you scanning your documents to the cloud or email? Or would you like to be able to send a document to or remotely access your office printer from anywhere in the world? We’d love to explore optional features with you to spark those creative juices flowing on ways to boost your productivity.

Do you still have questions on how to choose the right copier, paper shredder, or mailing equipment for your business? We’re your downtown Houston copier solution and we want to invite you down to our galleria showroom and experience first-hand how our knowledgeable staff can help you find exactly what your business needs with a free consultation. Too busy to stop by? Request a free business copier quote. Specializing in Kyocera copiers, Sharp copiers, and Pitney Bowes mail solutions for almost 20 years, we have the expertise you need at the price you want.