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ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program

Sign up today to recycle your used toner containers with Kyocera.

Your customers are looking for ways to lower their impact on the environment, to work cleaner, smarter, and more responsibly.

Kyocera’s ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program offers a way to do just that, providing a convenient disposal solution for environmentally conscious customers who want to recycle their empty and waste Kyocera toner containers but cannot do so within their local community.


    • Web Portal: Log into the ECO footPRINT portal with your ECO footPRINT Customer ID to order box kits, check order status and history, and view reporting.
    • Pre-Labeled Box Kits: Each box kit contains 3 boxes already affixed with a pre-paid UPS label and the option to add your customer’s name for tracking.
    • Easy to Use: Customers simply fill the box with Kyocera toner containers, seal it, and send it via UPS.
    • Online Reporting: Using the optional field to add your customers’ names on the labels, you will be able to see how much your individual customers have recycled and their impact on the environment.
  • All at No Cost to You or Your Customers! Kyocera covers all of the recycling and shipping costs under this new program. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us uphold our commitment to working in harmony with our environment.


It might be easier to say where it doesn’t go…to the landfill. That’s right. 100% of every Kyocera toner container recycled through the program is transformed into useful objects that serve a necessary function. Our partners at the Close the Loop recycling facility are able to repurpose the materials into items like pens, park benches, and even asphalt!