In the insurance industry, document processing time is a key factor in providing your clients the best customer service possible. Therefore, minimizing your printing downtime is essential to delivering excellent service. Managed Print Services (MPS)—outsourcing the management of your hardcopy print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines to an external provider—will help your agency cost-effectively increase the reliability of your print fleet.

Our MPS solution will help keep your print fleet1 150x150
up-and-running, ensuring uptime through:

  • Identifying and replacing unreliable devices
  • Employing a pre-emptive support modelIdentifying and replacing unreliable devices
  • Eliminating unnecessary devices and better deploying the ones you do need
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring of your print fleet
  • Automatic re-ordering of supplies
  • Proactive—rather than reactive—maintenance
  • Improved print support services
  • Ongoing optimization of your print environment
  • Quick, reliable service
  • Working with a single, trusted vendor
  • Usage reporting and detailed analysis of your devices