When purchasing or leasing a new copier for your business, a common consideration is whether to buy a black and white copier or a color copier. Read below to learn the differences between the two types of copiers and their unique benefits.

Benefits of Black and White Copiers

Black and white copiers, sometimes referred to as monochrome copiers, are machines with a single cartridge toner of black ink. The benefits of a black and white copier include:

  • Cheaper upfront costs: Due to the simplicity of the machines, monochrome copiers are generally cheaper to buy or lease than their color counterparts.
  • Cheaper print cost: Since the output is only black ink, it is a lot cheaper to print on a black and white copier than a color copier.
  • Faster output speed: Black and white copiers have a much faster page per minute (ppm) output than color copiers. For example, the Kyocera TASKalfa 8000i can produce up to 80 ppm.

Benefits of Color Copiers

Color copiers use four toner cartridges and can print in a near-infinite spectrum of colors. The benefits of color copiers include:

  • Color printing: The most obvious benefit is that a color copier can produce much more visually interesting products than a black and white printer.
  • Program for efficiency: Many of our copiers can be programmed such that they automatically print black and white unless otherwise specified, saving your company printing costs. In addition, the cost of color printing is becoming cheaper each year: with the new Tri-Rate Color Pricing technology, our state-of-the-art copiers can print color copies for as little as $.02 per page.


In conclusion, your company may prefer a black and white copier if your main goal is to print large documents quickly for internal circulation (such as large case files in a law office or copies of a homework assignment in a school). However, if your company circulates documents externally to clients or customers, a color copier will give your business a professional edge.

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