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In almost any business, there is printing that needs to be done. And while the management of the devices they use for document output must be done as well, thankfully this responsibility can be outsourced to relieve your staff of that burden. This is one of the reasons why many companies are increasing their efficiency and reducing their day-to-day stress by working through Managed Print Services (MPS).

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is the outsourcing of the management of your company’s document output to an external provider. This MPS provider will handle the maintenance of your printers, the optimization of your printing workflow, and keep you stocked with all the necessary supplies. All your staff has to worry about is printing your documents, while your MPS provider takes care of everything else. With that responsibility off of your shoulders and taken on by qualified print professionals, your business will benefit in a number of ways.

How MPS Benefits Businesses

Managed Print Services enables you to optimize your workflows, lower costs, reduce downtime, and even decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Here are some of the measures involved in accomplishing this:

  • A comprehensive print assessment – Your printing needs can vary a lot depending on the nature of your business. Some companies have consistent printing volumes, while others have peaks and valleys to their peak printing seasons. Your MPS provider will assess your workflows and printing environment and gain a complete understanding of your needs. This will enable them to make recommendations on adding, replacing, or removing devices that are inefficient, unnecessary, obsolete, or unused.
  • Relocating devices to optimal locations – Odds are, your printers are located in the most practical spot within your office. By reviewing usage reports to determine which employees are using which devices, your MPS provider will make recommendations on where to strategically place your devices for maximum efficiency in your workflows.
  • Consolidating your devices – Chances are you are paying for devices you don’t need. Armed with usage data, your MPS provider will be able to identify opportunities to shrink your print fleet without disrupting your workflows.
  • Keep printers updated and replace as necessary – Just like anything else, new technology becomes available for printers often, leaving you at risk of being stuck with a device that is too slow, unreliable, or lacking the latest greatest features that will make your employees’ jobs easier. An MPS engagement will enable you to upgrade to newer devices so you’re never mired in outdated or inefficient technology.
  • Estimate expenses – With proper tracking to provide you with data such as who prints, how much they print, and whether they print in color or black and white, your company can gain a clear picture of how much it spends on printing and related services.
  • Educated employees – Sharing this data with your employees will ensure they’re aware of the amount of printing they do and the impact it has on your company, creating opportunities to curb wasteful printing or unnecessarily printing in color, which is more expensive than black and white. 
  • Remote printing – Printing doesn’t have to be done from a PC. Remote work is more popular than ever, which means remote printing is more necessary than ever. Remote printing makes it possible for your employees to print while away from their desks, using devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Visitors will also be able to print documents without having to forward a file to someone else.
  • Printer maintenance – Chances are you didn’t hire your IT team to maintain or service printers, and they’re spending far too much time doing so. If you are building your business, they should be working on improving your systems, not fixing a paper jam or repairing a device. With Managed Print Services you have a team of trained and certified professionals to take on these responsibilities and resolve any issues promptly.
  • Reduced downtime – Your MPS provider will perform routine maintenance on your devices as well as monitor them in real-time, allowing them to identify and prevent machine issues before they arise. In the event something does bring one of your printers down, their service technicians will get it up and running quickly so your employees can resume working. 
  • Automatic supply replenishment – Your MPS provider will be tracking how much printing is done as well as the status of your devices and will replenish consumables such as ink and toner before they run out, so you are never stuck in the middle of a job. 

The Time Is Right for Managed Print Services

When a company utilizes Managed Print Services, everyone across the company is more mindful of what they print and why. It isn’t just about sneaking a personal document into the print cue; it is about thinking before you print. Is a hard copy of the document really needed, or can it be emailed instead and viewed on a screen? Office workers print an average of 34 pages each day when left to their own devices, but most of that paper and ink are used unnecessarily. By taking the time to track printer use in the office, people are held accountable and made to think twice about wasteful printing. 

Are your employees currently responsible for fixing your printer when it goes down? If so, this means they’re not working on something else more value-adding for your company. They’re also probably not experts on printers, which could mean your device is down longer than it needs to be or isn’t fixed properly the first time. However, with Managed Print Services, you’ll have professional service technicians on call ready to address and resolve any issues that arise. Surely your employees’ time could be better spent, and they’d appreciate being spared these headaches.

If you’d like to learn more about our Managed Print Services or get started with an assessment of your Houston area business’s printer fleet, contact On Demand today.