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Printing is still an integral part of daily workflows in modern companies, but an unmanaged print environment can negatively impact businesses, including the bottom line.

Revisiting Managed Print Services: What Is It?

Managed Print Services providers can manage every aspect of a company’s printing processes. This solution is convenient for businesses that don’t have the time to dedicate these tasks to an in-house employee.

An MPS provider will:

  • Analyze printer usage
  • Place printers in the most suitable locations
  • Help pick the right printer for specific jobs
  • Provide training for staff
  • Deliver custom reports to view and understand future printing needs
  • Automatically reorder supplies to avoid downtime
  • Set up remote printing

Managed Print Services take effective print management to the next level, analyzing your specific printing needs to ensure what you have is working well. In most cases, businesses are either over or underutilizing certain printers, wasting money. One of the most beneficial aspects of working with a Managed Print Service provider is they will replace inefficient devices with new equipment that works within your budget. And they´ll place them in the right environment for optimal use.

MPS also automates the delivery of supplies based on usage, trains employees on every technology upgrade, adds a level of print management predictability and improves printer security.

How Businesses Benefit from Managed Print Services

Having a centralized operation in place makes sense for a business with multiple printers that satisfy many needs. With different business departments handling different roles in the print services chain, things can become cumbersome and confusing. According to InfoTrends, costs can be reduced by 30% using Managed Print Services.

Although IT departments try and keep up with the latest technology, digital transformation creates a different look and feel. Printing is an essential everyday operation and printers should be networked to blend into these workflows seamlessly. Managed Print Services collect data on printer usage to ensure there´s no wastage.

What types of data are collected?

The data collected by an MPS provider is extensive. It includes:

  • The number of devices
  • How they are being used
  • Their status
  • The volume of pages printed
  • How many b/w and color print jobs
  • The amount of supplies
  • Technical issues
  • Risk management issues

With this information, a Managed Print Services solution can pinpoint the exact needs of your business, lowering costs and increasing productivity.

Why MPS Is Right for Your Houston Business

It’s time to get proactive about print management if you’re trying to level up your business. Having an MPS partner provides an optimization that increases effectiveness, efficiency, security, and productivity throughout the company.

An MPS provider monitors your printers from a remote location, handling all error codes and other vital functions without you needing to add extra space for an employee. When systems are down, software needs updating, or supplies need replenishing, your MPS provider will send someone to handle those tasks. The only thing the business needs to worry about is getting the most out of the equipment being used.

How will you know if Managed Print Services is right for your business? Ask yourself these questions – do you have multiple printers onsite? Are they being effectively utilized? Do you use the most current equipment? Are all your employees trained on new software? Do you run out of supplies? What happens when your printers have error codes?

If you don’t have a dedicated IT person dealing with these questions, an MPS solution could come in handy. Having this resource readily available saves time and money, reducing downtime. There are trained specialists ready and able to address any concerns and make sure your business is productively utilizing the recommendations wisely.

Since technology is consistently changing and evolving, who doesn’t want an option where the equipment being used will always be the latest on the market? This helps ensure superior quality with every print job.

Is a Managed Print Services solution for you? Consider how your business operates versus how it could run with the help of an MPS provider. Upgrade the way you handle your Houston business. If you’re interested in learning more about managed print services, contact the team at On Demand today!