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It can be easy to handle mail in smaller amounts. If you send a package here or there, it’s not that hard. As your small business starts to grow, the need for mailing equipment may too. There are many advantages to having mailing equipment available to use in-house, and the equipment can save you both time and money.


Types of Mailing Equipment


When investing in mailing equipment for your small business, there are numerous types of equipment available. Here are some of the key pieces of equipment:


  • Postage Meters: A postage meter will calculate the correct postage for every different type of mail you will send based on weight and size. When you calculate the correct postage for the items you mail, you save money on what would have been spent on unnecessary stamps and reduce the administrative burden on your staff. You also eliminate the need to store stamps or cash, and you can make sure your mail doesn’t lose its postage in transit. Depending on how the mail is sorted, you can save between 6 percent and 20 percent off the cost of stamps.
  • Mailing Software: Many meters come with software options that will allow you to manage user roles, generate reports, generate shipping labels, obtain proof of delivery, and more. The software can also allow you to manage your mailing lists and your expenses. Many of these platforms integrate with mobile devices and apps.
  • Folding Equipment: If you are going to send out large quantities of documents that need folding, then you can keep your administrative costs down by investing in folding equipment. This equipment is designed to fold and process letters of various sizes and can be customized for a variety of different size options.
  • Printing and Addressing Equipment: A personal computer and printer can handle the printing and address the needs of a small volume of mail, but businesses that are sending high volumes may need a specialty printer. These printers are better for printing and addressing mailers of various types, from postcards to envelopes. Larger printers can process as many as 15,000 addresses in one hour. A specialty printer will integrate with your mailing software.


The Advantages of Mailing Equipment

There are several advantages to having mailing equipment available for in-house use. Here are some of the key benefits:


  • Keep Track of Shipping Costs: Mailing equipment allows you to keep track of your shipping costs better. The technology prints postage directly on packages, which not only keeps track for you but also saves you time from having to go to the post office to buy stamps. Since the meters weigh your packages for you, you will know exactly how much postage needs to be included, so you aren’t guessing on the number of stamps, which wastes money.
  • Increases Productivity: As your company begins to grow, so does your workload. Mailing equipment allows you to spend your time more productively and lets you speed up the mailing process when done in-house. When you aren’t spending time dealing with mail, your staff can spend that time on value-added projects.
  • Create an Organized Mailing Process: Mailing equipment helps keep a business organized. Lack of organization with mail can lead to mishandled or lost packages, delays in sending, and uncertain clients or customers. You want to make sure that you exhaust all options in making sure that your recipient receives the package on time. An organized mailing solution is vital to make sure things are going out when they are expected to be mailed.
  • Professionalism: Your image matters. Mailing equipment can enhance the appearance of letters and packages. Instead of stamps just stuck to a package, your postage meter automates the process and keeps things looking consistent. Sending professionally processed mail looks better. Certain customizations are available to make your mail look even more professional.
  • More Flexibility: It’s easier to prepare whatever mail needs to be sent with in-house mailing equipment, whether that is adapting to something urgent or preparing your standard mail orders. You don’t have to waste time at the post office and will have more flexibility in how you can spend your day. There is also greater flexibility when it comes to the equipment you need. There are plenty of options, and you can match the equipment to meet your mailing needs.
  • Better Security: Many modern machines offer password protection, so only those authorized to use the device can use it. This is much safer than having a roll of stamps at the office that can be swiped at any time and provides clear audit trails of how much you spend on company mail.


Should Your Business Invest in Mailing Equipment?

Deciding whether or not you want to invest in mailing equipment will require an assessment of your current mailing needs and solutions. Ask yourself some questions about how the business is currently handling mail, how efficient the process is, if there have been any mishaps with the mail, and if productivity can be increased with better equipment. The answers to your questions will help you decide if mailing equipment is a good investment for your small business. If so, the next step is to determine what kind of equipment is best. When purchasing mailing equipment, there are some things you want to consider, such as the material you typically send, what your budget is, and any extra services that you may want, such as folding. That is where On Demand can help.


If you’re interested in purchasing mailing equipment for your business in the Houston area, or if you have any questions about which equipment to purchase, contact On Demand today.