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Printers, scanners, and workstations get all the attention in modern offices. Mailing equipment probably isn’t as interesting or important as the water cooler. But not all office operations and client communications happen in the digital space. What if good hardware and machines can still offer plenty of benefits to a company? Mailing equipment is more relevant than some companies care to admit, from improving workflow to balancing the budget and various aspects in between.

Top Three Office Mailing Equipment Solutions

How a company handles its mailing operation says a lot about its professionalism. This applies to small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level businesses.

Here are some key points to address.

  • Maintaining fast delivery times
  • Sending professional-looking letters
  • Offering personalized replies
  • Creating brand-specific graphics
  • Keeping well-balanced costs
  • Maintaining a good workflow
  • Complying with regulations

Office equipment designed to streamline mailing operations can help resolve these common issues. But depending on your business’s specific needs, some will hold more relevance than others.

Postage Meters

Many companies still mail out letters, promotional materials, “thank you” cards, and all sorts of documents. That makes postage meters more relevant than most business owners, and office managers realize.

These devices, some not bigger than tabletop appliances, can print complete shipping information, labels, and even customized graphics. Granted, not all companies need to use postage meters as much as others.

However, this mailing equipment can save precious time and money without compromising productivity or a good workflow.

Folders and Inserters

Sending bulk direct mail is time-consuming for companies of all sizes. It’s especially true for those without proper mailing equipment.

Folders and inserters, or letter stuffers, are versatile and efficient machines that help streamline bulk mail shipping operations. They can handle high numbers of mailing envelopes and process them without ruining the contents or the envelope’s integrity.

Traditionally handled manually, bulk mail is much easier to automate or semi-automate these days. With quality postage meters, folders and inserters can accomplish high-volume work with minimal floor space requirements and employee input.


Office managers and business owners underestimate the need to upgrade their technology and digital solutions. Some perhaps underestimate the need for reliable mailing software even more.

A postage meter can indeed accomplish a lot and streamline daily mailing operations. But postage meter software and bulk mailer programs can reach into the untapped potential of other office mailing equipment.

For example, postal software can pre-sort mail and prepare shipping documents. Tracking software can compare postage costs and help identify better deals.

In a way, mailing software can feature CRM-like functions. Businesses can use them to monitor and optimize bulk and individual direct mail operations. From there, companies may control costs, create more accurate budgets, and potentially increase spending for more vital business processes and procedures.

Additional Mailing Equipment for Office Use

Snail mail may seem like an antique form of communication but remains highly regarded in some situations. With that in mind, there’s no reason to refrain from making snail mail management one of the smoothest processes in the office.

Mailing operations can involve a lot of manual labor. That’s one of the best reasons to invest in modern and efficient mailing equipment. Additional devices and machines for office use include the following.

Address Printers

An address printer is as straightforward as it sounds. It’s a machine that takes over all printing duties for mailroom operations. It can print addresses if a meter doesn’t make sense for the office or if you need it for other tasks.

Address printers quickly resolve shipping information issues, some even doing it for bulk mail. Additionally, office printers don’t get stalled from performing more critical tasks.

Not every company needs an address printer. But not everyone can afford to outsource mailing operations to third-party operators, either. To comply with U.S. Code regulations, some businesses must handle direct mail communication in-house.

That’s when simplifying the work is even more essential.

Envelope Sealers

Sealing envelopes is no joke, especially when bulk mail is concerned. Moistening tens or hundreds of envelopes every week manually is inefficient.

Automatic sealers are the solution for reliably closing and sealing envelopes of various sizes.

Label and Stamp Appliers

Some stamp sealers far surpassed the capabilities of their older counterparts. These days, a stamp sealer can handle postage, labels, and stickers within a single application.

That’s a quick way to reinforce the company’s brand on outgoing mail, streamline the workflow, and maintain high productivity on the floor.

And if there’s one thing every company needs, it’s staying on top of their marketing. The more you can personalize outgoing mail, sales copies, and other materials, the better you can connect with customers, clients, and prospects.

The process can get tedious without proper mailing supplies and equipment. Yet it’s a piece of cake when managed correctly.

It’s Time to Get in Touch With a Reliable Vendor

Mailing equipment providers offer a wide range of services and devices modern businesses need. Improving customer communications, balancing the budget, and unlocking more marketing opportunities come down to finding the best equipment for the job.

Contacting the right vendor should be a priority if you’re ready to update your office technology and modernize mailroom processes.

Of course, sticking with a reputable provider in your area is best for faster deliveries, quick in-house support, and consultations.

If you’re running a Houston business that needs superior mailing equipment or office support, contact On Demand. We’re Houston’s most prominent independent dealer of mailing equipment, printing technology, and in-house maintenance provider.