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Technology can help to make the work your employees do for your company easier and more efficient. As a business owner, one of the things that you are tasked with is deciding what types of technology and business solutions your company should implement to help accomplish daily tasks. Unfortunately, many business owners do not utilize the best business solutions for their company simply because they do not know enough about the technology and business solutions that are available to make an informed decision as to which ones are ideal for their workflows. Learning about modern business solutions can help you determine which may be right for you to optimize efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance security. Below are three popular business solutions that every owner should know about, and more information about how it can benefit your company.

Go Paperless with Document Management

One of the business solutions that you may wish to utilize to optimize efficiency within your company is document management services. If you still have paper files in your business, now is the perfect time to start thinking about converting them to digital ones with document management to realize the benefits of the paperless office. Document management takes all of those paper files and scans them so that they are stored electronically. As new documents come in, those pages get scanned and downloaded to the file, getting rid of all of the papers that may be floating around your office. Your existing electronic files are also stored in a meaningful, easy-to-search way, ensuring workflows are optimized and maintained. 

There are a number of benefits associated with document management as an optimal business solution. One of the most significant advantages is time-savings. You and your employees may spend a lot of time filing papers, looking through a file for one particular piece of paper, or pulling a file to copy one document and mail it off to another office or customer. With document management services, everything is stored electronically, making it faster and easier for your employees to find what they need and send it off via email to another employee, office, or client. Another benefit associated with document management is that two employees can work on the same file at once. With paper files, only one person can have the file at a time, which can slow down workflows. Document management ensures version control, so teams can work on the same file simultaneously. The final benefit associated with document management is that electronically stored documents do not take up any physical space. You will not have to rent storage space to house paper files or need a file room any longer with a document management business solution. Instead, those files can be stored directly on the cloud, allowing you to save money.

Let Someone Else Manage Your Print Environment

Another type of business solution that may be beneficial to your business is Managed Print Services, or MPS. Managed Print Services involve outsourcing the management and oversight of your company’s printing environment to a third-party company. When businesses hear Managed Print Services, they think that this type of service pertains only to printers. However, it extends to your entire fleet of imaging equipment, including printers, fax machines, scanners, and copy machines. A Managed Print Service provider is able to look at your business printing and equipment needs and find the office equipment that makes the most sense financially for you. They will also help to enact rules that minimize downtime, waste, and unruly printing practices while automating needed maintenance and supply orders.

One of the benefits associated with hiring a company for Managed Print Services is that you can actually track what your company’s printing costs are and more reliably budget for them. Many businesses have no idea how much they spend on printers and their associated costs, such as consumables like toner or ink. They simply buy the items or pay for maintenance as needed. MPS helps you to track those expenses and makes it easier to budget for those costs. MPS is a great business solution offering as it also helps to reduce waste by allowing you to see what types of printers or office equipment are efficient for your office printing needs and helping to prevent downtime from a broken printer or a printer that needs maintenance.

Outsource Your IT Needs to a Team of Experts

The final business solution that your company should consider in order to optimize efficiency is Managed IT services. Most people know what an IT professional is, and many companies have worked with one before. As a business owner, one of the decisions you have to make for your business is whether to hire a dedicated IT staff for your office or whether to outsource your IT needs to a team of experts through a Managed IT services provider. An IT service provider is a company that has employees available around the clock to meet your company’s IT needs, including helping with computer viruses, assisting employees with technology questions or problems they may be experiencing, or helping your business install new software on your computers.

One of the most significant benefits associated with outsourcing the management of your IT environment compared to hiring your own employees to handle your IT in-house is that you have someone available around the clock. When you hire an employee to help with your IT needs, they are only in the office during their working hours. If an IT problem develops after hours, your business may not know where to turn. Managed services are there for you any time and day. Another benefit is that many businesses find that Managed IT services is much more affordable than hiring a full-time employee to complete their IT needs. Many companies do not have a need for someone to be on site 40 hours a week. Managed IT services spreads the costs associated with your IT environment across all of your providers’ clients, allowing you to get the IT help you need without the commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

Every business is different, and the needs of one company may differ from those of another. As a business owner, you need to take the time to research the various business solutions available to find the ones that may provide your company with the most benefits and increase the efficiency of your employees. Having a great company you can trust and rely on to help you learn about different business solutions and answer any questions you may also have is key. To get help finding the right solutions for your Houston business’s needs, contact On Demand today and let us help.