Businesses have a variety of options when it comes to buying office technology. Many of these devices may appear similar on paper, but there are real differences in quality, reliability, and security upon closer examination. There are several reasons why Xerox copiers benefit small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and why they are a popular choice. Consider the following before making your next office equipment decision.

Why Xerox Copiers? Innovation

Xerox is touted as one of the best in the office equipment industry when it comes to innovation. The company was given 584 U.S. utility patents last year alone. With their research partner Fuji Xerox, the company holds 8,600 active patents and invests over a billion dollars each year in development and research. Not only is the company innovative in the United States, but also Xerox copiers are on the ground in more than 160 countries, which is essential when international businesses require implementing, designing, and maintaining document networks. The company is on the cutting edge of innovation in several IT categories, including workplace assistants, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing and manufacturing.

Some of the latest innovations under the workplace assistant category include the Xerox Audio Documents app that allows you to transform your hardcopy content into audio files. The Xerox Easy Translator Service application is a suite of cloud translation services designed for businesses that need to translate several file types. Moreover, you can translate your documents into more than 40 different languages to ensure accurate communication on an international scale. Xerox Workplace Suite software provides on-premise and mobile management and access for your printer fleet, along with security, convenience, and usage insights to help you reduce costs and boost productivity. Their DocuShare solution allows for a better way to manage both your digital and hardcopy files and can be used in the cloud, making remote work and collaboration seamless. For even better images, Xerox is working with a hyperspectral camera; this technology has the ability to capture the full optical spectrum.

Why Xerox Copiers? Award-Winning Technology

The product development community at Xerox continues to bring a steady stream of world-class technology to the market. In the past three years, there have been more than 100 new products released by Xerox to consumers worldwide.

Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab recently recognized Xerox as a leader in copiers, as well as their app ecosystem, which refers to the variety of applications Xerox makes available to its customers designed to expand the functionality of copier and other printing devices. This is where the company shines as they set a high-bar industry-wide. Part of the award-winning technology is the Xerox Personalized Application Builder program. This system gives Xerox dealers the tools, training, and marketing resources to help them create solutions that will run on compatible Xerox copiers and machines. In turn, your local Xerox vendor is armed with everything they need to ensure you—the customer—is set up for success. To do this, Xerox offers a broad portfolio of applications to expand its copiers into powerhouse devices for customers. In fact, its catalog is vaster than those currently supported by Xerox’s competitors. Thus, not only does Xerox have award-winning technology to choose from, but also award-winning service for clients. The company backs its industry-leading service with a powerful combination of technology, people, and processes.

Why Xerox Copiers? Productivity

In order to show real-world performance and how Xerox copiers help with productivity, you need to look beyond the specs. Xerox copiers are significantly more productive than the competition. What makes these machines more productive is the intelligent and innovative total system design. The smart controller can process multiple copy and print functions simultaneously and has the ability to keep the paper path full at all times.

There are plenty of ways that Xerox copiers can make your office more productive. One of the main productivity-boosting features is connectivity. With mobile-enabled copiers and applications, such as Xerox Mobile Print, you can print on the go. These allow for faster processes, which make all the difference in your team’s productivity. Many routine tasks can be automated to help you save time. If fewer people are involved in the process, it also allows for a lower chance of user error, allowing you to accomplish more each day.

Running out of toner or ink for your copier can also put a time crunch in your day, as doing so can cause workflows to grind to a halt. With a program such as Xerox eConcierge Service, you can keep working without interruption. Additionally, Xerox allows for better planning and collaboration, making teams more productive. Send to-do lists and other action items to print wherever you are and whenever you need them. Staying organized also allows you to be more productive. With Xerox ConnectKey, you can scan documents to copy directly from email or other cloud storage applications to keep the workplace digital and clutter-free.

Why Xerox Copiers? Security

Since information is your greatest asset, Xerox copiers can make sure that your business data is safe. The company is committed to producing multifunction devices that are designed to safeguard your customer information. Their complete line of products is certified under Common Criteria, and not just subsets or a small part of its functionality, which some other manufacturers espouse.

The company is also focused on printer and data security at the core of every product and technology piece. Xerox ConnectKey technology has a holistic approach to security, with external partnerships to make you even safer. Security features you can expect include preventing an attack, detecting an attack, and safeguarding your data. There is a comprehensive set of capabilities that can prevent malware attacks, whether from transmitted data or directly at the copier. All access points are protected through access controllers and user authentication. Xerox has a comprehensive Firmware Verification test that provides alerts if changes to the copier are detected. If you are worried about people getting access to the copier, there are capabilities in place to prevent uninstalls and data transmissions to an unauthorized party. The rightful user will need to be at the device for any data to be extracted from it. Xerox protects your stored information and uses the highest levels of encryption to ensure security. Any saved or processed data no longer needed can be deleted using the National Institution of Standards and Technology for the utmost data safety and security.

It’s easy to see why Xerox copiers are some of the best in the industry and how they can benefit SMBs. With so many Xerox copiers to choose from, it can be overwhelming at first to pick the right one that suits your unique business needs. As a certified Houston Xerox dealer, we can help your Houston business find the perfect match! Contact On Demand today for more information or to learn more.