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The humble copier may seem like an outdated piece of office equipment, but it remains a hardworking staple in today’s office environments. Few other devices can handle high-volume workflows, promote efficient paper usage and even help businesses save money quite like a copier. Nevertheless, your workflows rely on your copier being as reliable as possible.

Copier repairs are necessary if you want your Houston business to operate smoothly. Let’s dive deeper into what a trained and experienced copier repair technician can do to keep your workflows moving, plus things you can do to ensure your copier doesn’t drag your business down when it needs repairs.

Training and Expertise Are Critical for Efficient, Comprehensive Copier Repair Service

Even the best copiers on the market can have an off day and break down unexpectedly. With thousands of different parts inside, not to mention the embedded software, modern copiers can prove complex for the average person to repair if things go wrong.

There’s plenty that can happen to a copier throughout its working life, but many of the issues companies run into are self-inflicted:

  • Paper jams are one of the most common problems. Paper documents with torn or damaged pages can easily become stuck inside the machine. Staples, paper clips, and Post-It notes left behind on documents also cause jams.
  • Copiers can also suffer from self-inflicted networking issues. For instance, a misconfigured internal network can easily sideline a copier until corrective changes are made. Fixing the problem for good may also involve multiple parties, including the ISP and your in-house IT team.

If your copier malfunctions, you want technicians who know what to do. That’s where extensive training and knowledge come into play. The best copier repair technicians in the field often have years of training and expertise under their belts. Not only do they thoroughly understand the inner workings of your particular copier model, but they know how to repair the various problems affecting it.

Your in-house IT team may have some knowledge about copier repairs, but chances are it’s not as extensive as a highly trained and knowledgeable copier repair technician. 

Copier Repairs You Can Confidently Tackle Yourself

Your copier repair technician will work with you to bring your copier back online, but some repairs are simple enough for you to perform on your own. This includes clearing paper jams, clearing out waste toner reserves, and solving minor networking issues.

Lines, Blemishes and Other Print Quality Issues

Cleaning the glass surface can help prevent streaks, blemishes, and other imperfections that could affect your documents. Avoid using glass cleaners containing ammonia or other harsh, abrasive chemicals, as these can potentially damage the glass surface. Be careful when copying pages with whited-out sections. The white-out chemical can transfer onto the glass and leave a sticky residue.

Paper Jams

Following correct loading procedures and using the proper paper cassettes for your machine can help prevent paper jams and other similar issues. Quality is also important since low-quality paper is more likely to jam inside the machine. Paper jams are also more likely to happen when using recycled paper with a much lighter weight than high-quality paper. 

Today’s modern copiers can even tell you the precise location of the jam and how to remove it without a copier repair technician needing to be present.

Network Issues

A common example is when employees are unable to scan their documents directly to their email. Unannounced password changes can prevent employees from using this feature until they’re brought up to speed. Your in-house IT team may also be able to track down and restore missing files if those prevent the copier from working properly.

Waste Toner Removal

The more you use your copier, the more excess toner enters the waste toner reservoirs. Cleaning out or disposing of the reservoir is a tough and dirty job, but it’s also one you’ll be able to get done on your own. Previous methods involved simply dumping the unwanted toner into the garbage and placing the reservoir back into the machine. Modern copiers often use disposable reservoirs that can be removed and replaced as needed without creating a huge mess.

What to Look for in A Copier Repairs Services Company

Looking for the right copier repair services company to handle your copier repair needs isn’t easy. Here are a few essential qualities to factor into your search for a reliable and experienced copier repair services company:

  • Good qualifications. When it comes to choosing good technicians, you want the best of the best. That means selecting technicians based on the certifications they hold, along with other proof of their knowledge and expertise.
  • Fast response times. The faster a copier repair service company can respond to your service needs, the better. Compare response times among candidates and accessibility among the technical staff.
  • Healthy parts inventory. Traveling back and forth between the warehouse and the repair site for parts is tedious and time-consuming for both clients and technicians. Not only should technicians have enough parts on hand to get the job done, but they should also be able to choose the right parts for the job.
  • Excellent reviews. Companies held in high regard also tend to have excellent reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask for references.

Are you done with copier repairs and want more reliable upgrades for your Houston business? Contact On Demand today for a consultation with one of our office technology specialists.