Managed Print Services

Do you know how much your company spends on printing?

Many companies have no idea how much they spend on document output each year. It can come as quite a shock to learn that document handling can add up to 5 percent of your total  revenue.

Multiple vendors for hardware, supplies and repair = coordination and management of contracts and invoices

  • Real asset costs buried within multiple budgets
  • Printer issues take up to 50% of IT support
  • Multiple brands and models of printers require different print drivers to be loaded and separate types of toners and inks to be ordered and managed
  • Preventive maintenance may be neglected causing down time and interrupting workflow, while reducing the lifecycle of the printer
  • Stocks of toner and ink can lead to obsolescence and the subsequent costs

Printer fleets are one of the most overlooked and under-managed assets in any business, but without controls and measures within your print environment, waste and hidden costs can be substantial.

With Managed Print Services from On Demand, your business will achieve immediate and long-term cost savings. Managed Print Services (MPS) helps your company strategically streamline the management of your print environment, maximizes business results, and reduces your total printing costs – saving you substantial time and money.

As an MPS client you’ll enjoy working with one trusted provider for all your printing needs, including:

  • Ongoing printer fleet management
  • Free up all the money tied up in toner sitting on your shelves
  • Remote monitoring of printers
  • Proactive printer repairs and maintenance
  • Analysis of your company’s printing needs and behaviors
  • Recommendations for improved printer fleet efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact
  • Automatic toner replenishment

Not only will you realize increased operational efficiency with consolidated billing, but you’ll also achieve greater accountability and lower your overall printing costs. Companies who have implemented Managed Print Services experience savings of up to 30 percent on their total printing costs.

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